Video Projects:

Memoir/Short Story Videos

These videos are typically shorter than a full biography. You can choose an interesting story or event in your life to share with others. This can be something elegantly simple that captures the essence of you – your voice, your smile, and your gestures – that can’t be illustrated by written words or audio alone.
Prices range from $799 - $999

Biographies and Family Histories

We start with a planning meeting. During this pre-production time we learn about your goals and what is important to you in preserving your memories. We listen carefully and give suggestions. Then you make the final decisions.

We tell you what to expect, we suggest what to wear, and we give you sample questions to stimulate your memory. We also give you instructions for selecting and organizing photos and mementoes to be scanned and included in the final product. A morning or afternoon is selected to schedule the interview.

Your video biography will be a precious legacy that will be passed down through the generations. It will become more valuable with each passing year.

Prices range from $999-$2095
Some of the factors that determine price are: finished length of video, number of people interviewed, number of photos or scanned objects added, number of locations and various additional optional extras.

Photo Montage Videos

It’s important to remember events and milestones. Sharing photos and memories with those we love and respect is something that will be appreciated. With these events recorded, they can be used for birthdays and anniversaries, retirements, and special events.

Prices to digitize Photos:

Quantity 1-100                                                                        1.50ea.

Additional photos                                                                    1.25ea.

Digital photos submitted in chronological order on CD             .50ea.

Optional Extras:

Text on picture                                                                         2.00ea.

Chapter title slides, solid background with text                        2.00ea.

We will add music at no extra charge.

Additional copies of DVD 1-10:                                             12.00ea.

11+ additional copies:                                                            10.00ea.



Additional Services:

Funeral Homes:

  • Preneed services

Senior Living and Care:

  • Welcome and introduce new members
  • Downsizing videos
  • Guided autobiography classes, enriching the lives of adults through writing, sharing and preserving their life stories.

Photo Books

  • Organizing & digitizing your photos.

Ethical Will/Legacy Letter

  • A traditional will bequeaths your valuables.
  • An ethical will bequeaths your values, beliefs, life lessons, and hopes for the future