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Introducing the Living Legacy Project

Want to connect with future generations? Would you like share your life stories or the lessons you’ve learned? The current generation gets their information from a screen. Now’s the time to prepare for the future by making your stories, audios, videos and journals accessible to generations now and in the future by opening an online Family History Archive.

When you store your precious legacy information in cloud-based storage, you will be using the most current method of securing and sharing what is important to you. (Don’t worry; all your information can also be backed up on a flash drive that you can keep and share.)

Have you ever wished you could tell the story behind a photo? Legacy Stories offers a unique service called “Legacy Matters” that allows you to narrate your photos. No more “Who is this in this photo and why is she here?” You or your parent may be the only one who knows. There is an African proverb that says: “When an elder dies it’s like a library burning down.” Don’t let your important legacy information disappear.

A Certified Legacy Advisor will come to your home to help you through the process by scanning and uploading your photos and assisting you with adding narration. View this video to see examples.

Legacy Stories offers services to:

Families and Individuals:

A free 1GB account: click HERE for additional information.

Good news: Legacy has been certified by FamilySearch, the largest library of genealogy records.

If you would like to learn more about these services, call Loretta Heindrichs, Certified Legacy Advisor for a free consultation.