The gift of stories is ideal …

for parents who want to give their children, grandchildren and future generations the gift of a lifetime or for children who want to help preserve their family’s history. They are the perfect birthday or anniversary gift for parents, and are a creative way to start a new family tradition.

Why Save Your Stories?

  • It’s great way to express love to those closest to you
  • You will connect past and future generations
  • It’s healing and provides meaning to life
  • You can pass along important memories and values
  • You will be remembered and thanked
  • It’s fun!

Have you ever wondered what life was like for your ancestors? Or are you lucky enough to have a journal or personal history from one of them? In their day there were no typewriters, computers, audio tapes or video cameras. However, today’s technology makes it easy to create and save your precious family legacy.

We offer a number of options for saving stories:

Online Family Library

We can upload pictures, videos, audios, journals, etc. to the library for all the family to share. You can even narrate your photos (we’ll do it for you or teach you how to do it yourself)

Video Products

Save those smiles, gestures and voices, and stories
Loretta Heindrichs  Certified Legacy Advisor & Personal Historian

Loretta Heindrichs
Certified Legacy Advisor
& Personal Historian